Be suspicious of one size fits all service offers for services.

Here at Fast Fit we prefer to check out each car on a case-by-case basis for services and then quote accordingly.

The requirements of a service can vary from car model to car model and will even vary according to which engine code each model has. Additionally many cars have 2-4 different types of services that are recommended by the manufacturer in a specific sequence and by mileage accrued.  A significant factor in a major car service is spark plugs. They may not have to be changed at every service, so this will impact the quote we give.


Today we changed the spark plugs on a Jaguar. You can see in the photo that there are six for this type of car rather than three or four with is more usual. Changing the spark plugs on this car is quite an operation and involves replacing the exhaust manifold gadgets too (if you want to do the job properly). If you look at the photo closely you can see the deterioration in the old spark plugs. If they were left in much longer this would have lead to a misfire and possible engine damage.  You can see part of a couple of old exhaust manifold gaskets to the left of the photo.

spark plugs closeup


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