Diesel Particulate Filters

Modern diesel cars need to meet world wide emissions regulations and as such, manufacturers are now fitting Diesel Particulate Filters to the exhaust system to minimise the emissions from the car. If you own one of the newer diesel engine vehicles, you may get a DPF warning light on your dash. A typical warning light Read More

New MOT computer system.

If you have taken your car in for an MOT test recently you may have experienced severe delays. This is due to a new government computer system that was not working properly last week. It has been reported in the news. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3203845/MOT-meltdown-Thousands-motorists-face-forced-road-new-government-failed-leaving-garages-unable-issue-certificates.html

Compact commercial vehicles.

Often commercial vehicles are huge and require very skillful maneuvering especially once they are in the workshop. However there are exceptions. We had an interesting little van come in for some work recently that was easy to maneuver in confined spaces. It was manufactured by a very old Italian company that is mainly associated with Read More

Minor scratches.

It’s a fact of life in London that with on-street parking, the free-for-all that is called rush hour traffic in the capital and less than perfect parking skills, sooner or later you are going to get a scratch on your car’s bodywork. A lot of the time the scratch will be too small to bother Read More