Minor scratches.

It’s a fact of life in London that with on-street parking, the free-for-all that is called rush hour traffic in the capital and less than perfect parking skills, sooner or later you are going to get a scratch on your car’s bodywork. A lot of the time the scratch will be too small to bother contacting your insurance company about as it will cost less that the excess to remedy. However maybe your car isn’t brand new but you want it smartened-up a bit without paying several hundreds of pounds to get things looking perfect. ¬†Also corrosion can be a concern. What starts off as a small scratch can eventually turn into an ugly rusty scar that needs a whole body panel to be replaced plus the associated re-spaying costs. This is not a cheap job! Touch-up pen sets/kits are made just for such situations. They are specific to each car’s paint code and need to be ordered from the car’s main dealer. Most colours are available within a day or two and cost less than ¬£15 (at the time of writing this post).

They are simple to use if you have light touch.



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